Tuesday, September 20, 2005

So there I was in Hampden for the festival...saw half mannequine that is only one side of the body - $20. - you cant buy one hand for that let alone two hands and the body.....so I paid the woman and put the mannequin in the truck.....of course then....what to do....leaning up against the truck at the festival and immediately the potential appeared of having her on the side of the truck.....so that was the work of the next day.....I ended up bolting her on to the truckbed. Trouble was she would have looked better on the other side ....but the gas tank lid was in the way.....so I put her on the other side facing down....then it came to me that she was descending! Ah! yes! The Fall....of Eve....so there she is the Pink Lady of Hampden playing the role of eve. Apple tree and garden on top and hellish earth below....I still have to put a macys card in the lower hand....of course she will have to go shopping. Apple is above top hand....quotes are from Genesis and the wonderful 15th century verse about ...had eve not eaten the apple they would have had no mary.... Posted by Picasa

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