Saturday, May 20, 2006

Verses against the sky....the gas lid will have a half apple soon....Must be patient and wait to clear coat so the paint does not crinkle-hope the weather holds until tomorrow noon. Posted by Picasa
The verses have been added on the left...tree ejecting adam..... Posted by Picasa

So...there is the fall of eve on the one side so only proper that I do a fall of adam for the other. To the left is a space for bible verse that I have yet to complete. The tree is filled with apples. This is a folk art narative image. The role of Adam is played by Mr. Adam d' E'bay Posted by Picasa

Adam glows florescent orange as he goes through re-entry.... Posted by Picasa

Sky above apple tree to left adam is ejected from the tree and goes through re-entry....half face is white the other glows below hot lava read black and orange.... Posted by Picasa

Whole side view Posted by Picasa

Adam's fall showing left...he will have a hand someday....and an apple and some verses... Posted by Picasa