Monday, June 13, 2005

The letter swirls-Margarets Specialty! Posted by Hello
The Magnet truck ready for the Summer festival season. Flag Day at fort McHenry, Dundalk for 4th of July and Heritage festival then Artscape......hope to see you all real soon. Posted by Hello
Amazing what you can do with magnets-Margaret did a fantastic job with this. Posted by Hello
Festive re-do of the tail gate. We now have much more art. Dali and Van many people ask....did you paint these!? Posted by Hello
This spinner is inside a turning bike wheel. Still being completed as is everything else..... Posted by Hello
So many people feeling that things that were not scarry were scarry....I had to give them something scarry hence the festive gas mask head! Posted by Hello
This make up head is having a wind blown hair doo...... Posted by Hello
This summer the heads got a paint job and are now much more festive with their beads. Some day we will only be remembered by the heads of our dolls. Many archeologists and anthropologists have reconstructed entire cultures from a few doll heads. What will ours say about us? Each one is a bit different and they do remind you of actual children that you know.... Posted by Hello
A breast of Babes! I returned from Houston with many dolls and this is the result on the side of the cap of the truck Posted by Hello