Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ready to head to Louisville- tires repainted dots applied loaded up..... Posted by Picasa
Ready for Louisville trip Posted by Picasa
mr dot has arrived....newly refurbished magnet truck hat!  Posted by Picasa
mr. dot note refurbished magnet truck hat! Posted by Picasa
mr Posted by Picasa
Mr dot...again! Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 28, 2006

The horns are glued on the truck and ride on the Magnet truck every day. They sound great under bridges and tunnels! The largest is a tuba which can be seen to the top right covered with toys of all kinds. The horn hat is covered with bright beeds and mirrors. Great for hands free playing. Get your child interested in playing a brass instrument! Come on down to the artcar festival the first weekend in August in Louisville and get them started! It is free! Posted by Picasa
There are almost twenty different horns- a virtual horn orchestra! Bring your brass group down and try it out!  Posted by Picasa
Conrad Bladey Horn Hatter and Artcar Artists invites you to pick a horn to play! Brass horns are connected via plastic tubes to horns glued on the truck! Conrad models one of his horn hats made from a french horn. Come on down to the festival and toot your own horn- maybe try out a horn hat.... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

although I am religious I am not a bible smith wanted me to look like I am preaching to go with the bible story of adam and eve....I never preach...except about artcars.... Posted by Picasa
Re-doing the tail now reads- drive art and live and art is freedom...and has the tailgate text about the origins of the garden of eden. The Images left to right are god, eve, the tree and smith Posted by Picasa
The coin slots wore out so I made new ones...another from mr. smith Posted by Picasa
eve smith Posted by Picasa
A good view of eve from mr smith Posted by Picasa
So hard to get people to accept doll heads for the portraits- busts that they are. Each one is a generalized baby but so accurate...another from Mr. Smith Posted by Picasa
A week or so ago Mr. Smith from the army journalism school came by and took this series....enjoy....barbies.... Posted by Picasa